Before cooking barley , you should sort and rinse thoroughly. For the preparation of viscous cereal grains can be soaked overnight - they will become softer and will fall apart. But if you are interested in loose cereal or side dish, boil the groats immediately after washing. Put a Cup of barley in a pot and fill it with two cups of hot water. Bring grits to a boil and drain. Again fill it with boiling water (3 cups), add salt, two or three tablespoons of butter, mix everything carefully. Cover pot and place in the oven. Cook at a temperature of about 250о until cereal has absorbed all of the water. Such a mess before serving, you can mix with fried onion and bacon. It is delicious with cold milk or an extra portion of butter. Try to prepare a hearty dish of barley with meat. 200 g fatty pork cut into cubes, sunflower and sauté together with the onion cut in half rings. Rinse pearl barley (1 Cup) and soak it for 2-3 hours. Drain and rinse again grain. Lay the meat with the onions in the pot, pour in ¾ Cup each of hot water. Add salt, black pepper. Then put the barley. Close the pot lids and place them in the preheated oven. Cook porridge while grits are soft. Serve directly in the pot, sprinkle each serving with finely chopped parsley. For those who like a sweet porridge like dish of barley with dried fruit. Sort and rinse 1 Cup groats and soak it for a few hours. Drain the water. Place barley in a saucepan, pour two cups of hot water and add dried fruit - apricots, prunes, raisins. Cook the oatmeal on medium heat, if necessary add a little water. When barley is cooked until soft, add a tablespoon of candied orange and sugar to taste. In porridge ready to pour some orange juice. Serve it hot or cold and eat with milk.