The most typical symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia are as follows:

- fluctuations in blood pressure, palpitations (tachycardia), pain in region of heart;
- the feeling of suffocation, lack of air;
- disorders of the gastrointestinal tract – abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
- disruption of normal thermoregulation, alternate sensation of heat and cold;
- dizziness, sometimes fainting.

Very often these symptoms are combined with depression, anxiety, and increased irritability. In the most severe cases it comes to panic attacks. So when a person suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia, will fly on the plane, then the question arises: how to do it without harm to his health?

Everyone is different, so a remedy that works for one person may be ineffective for another. However does not hurt to know some rules.

Before going to the airport, grab a snack, but loosely. To fly on an empty stomach is not desirable, but to eat "to satiety" is not worth it.

If you are experiencing fear of flying and feel that it could worsen your condition in the cabin, drink a little alcohol. Best of all a glass of brandy, especially if you have vegetative-vascular dystonia on hypertonic type. Brandy not only relieve tension, but also expand blood vessels, preventing a potential attack of hypertension.

Before takeoff the flight attendants give the passengers special lollipops from motion sickness and stress relief. Be sure to take a Lollipop, in some cases it helps. Try during the run and takeoff of aircraft to breathe deeply, steadily.

If possible, talk to the neighbor in the next seat. Try to escape, not to think about the flight and how reliable the plane. And even better – if you manage to fall asleep.

If you still have worsened state of health, urgently take the medicine that you usually helps. If you need to drink it, call the flight attendant, explain her situation and ask faster to bring you water or juice.

People helps self-hypnosis. Try to learn his technique, it's not that hard, and you can be very useful.