Advice 1: Which drugs can be transported across the border

Before you visit another country, the traveler will have a lot of trouble. One of the essential stages of preparation for the voyage – the study of the list of permitted Luggage. Many take along a first aid kit and because of it face serious problems at customs. Not all drugs can be transported across the border in Russia. If you can not do without medicinal drugs, in advance take care of the permits.
Which drugs can be transported across the border

Recently on the territory of the Customs Union of three countries - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the laws were allowed to carry across the border, certain medicines and medical products without a license of the Ministry of industry and trade and permission of Roszdravnadzor. This became possible after numerous appeals of citizens to the Russian customs officers. As reported by the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation, the law applies even to products that are not registered in the country.

Innovation has several important limitations. First of all the drugs out of your Luggage needs to be intended for personal use for medical reasons and not for commercial objectives. To prove the bound potions in a traveling first aid kit, enough doctor's note or prescription (duplicate). It is also good to stock up on extract from the history of the disease.

Second bounding point of the customs law is that medications should not contain any psychotropic and narcotic substances. On the composition of the drug will tell you abstract in the pharmacy package. Sleeping pills, sedatives, diuretics, heart funds and even some "harmless" drugs cough is just a small list of medications with the possible content of the prohibited items.

If the medication is prescribed by a doctor, but narcotic and psychotropic substances it contains, it is subject to compulsory Declaration. Customs you write a statement in the prescribed form, providing all the exact details about your Luggage and attach the relevant medical certificate. Then a small amount of the drug you can take with you.

When all the formalities are met, you will be free to carry the medicine across the borders of the Customs Union – Patriotic, Belarusian, Kazakh. However, if you are going to Europe, America or Asian countries, be careful – each state is free to decide what medications are harmless, and some is a drug.

Suffice it to recall the sensational story of 2012 – the Russian woman tried to smuggle in Estonia his usual sleeping pills and was prosecuted. For the transportation of certain drugs which are freely sold in Russian pharmacies, abroad you can even give jail time. So, very picky about road kits UAE – is prohibited in many tools with codeine, antiviral and analgesic drugs. More than 60 kinds of medicines in the UAE equated to drugs. In Canada and the EU in the black list of sleeping pills with melatonin; herbal preparations (especially from India and China) also you cannot carry across a border.

Don't play with a harsh law - ignorance of the rules of the country you intend to visit will not be your excuse. To joyful journey turned into a serious problem, pre-visit the nearest diplomatic mission of any country and familiarize yourself with all applicable requirements of Luggage and a list of permits.

Advice 2: How to buy medication overseas

Abroad people especially sharply feel their isolation from the usual way at home. Sometimes even the purchase of drugs abroad can turn into a real problem. Indeed, in most European countries, drugs have other names. What should one do in such a situation?
How to buy medication overseas
You will need
  • pharmacy;
  • - doctor's prescription;
  • - international nonproprietary name of the drug.
In mild indisposition (headache, allergies, indigestion , etc.) please contact the nearest pharmacy, where the local pharmacists will pick up to you something of those medicines that they have. The treatment of "serious" diseases do not require a prescription. By the way, medications to deal with them often advertised on television, radio and press. This is not surprising, since prescription medicine advertising is prohibited almost everywhere.
Communicating with a pharmacist, please note that the scheme of treatment abroad may differ from Russian. For example, in Egypt with diarrhea taken to prescribe antibiotics that are unlikely to enjoy your body. Therefore it is better to resort to normal medicationthat you use at home. They are in other countries too, only under different names.
To determine the drug, should know its international nonproprietary name. They usually indicate the active ingredient of the drug. For example, "Imodium" is a commercial name and international name of active substance loperamid. Going on a trip, write down the international nonproprietary name of drug used, it can be found in the manual and on the package of medication. If you or someone in your family over the border will be bad, show it to the pharmacist in any country of the world, and he will pick up the necessary drug.
Exceptions are possible only if the drug has no code, and such "renegades" are among the drugs that contain several active ingredients or when the country where you are, your medication is not registered. Like, for example, can happen to "with no-Spa" (drotaverine), an analogue of which is hard to find in European countries.
Also note for transportation of medical drugs across the border and customs control. If you are carrying medicinescontaining narcotic or psychotropic substances, the path through the "green corridor" you are not allowed. In this case, go through the red corridor and make a customs Declaration. You need to have a document proving that the medication assigned to you on a state of health (certificate, doctor's prescription or statement of medical history).

Advice 3: How many liters of alcohol can I bring across the border of Israel

Israel is known for its high standards of security checks at customs. Of export and import of alcohol via the Israeli border shall adhere to the rules and requirements that have been set by the Customs service of the state of Israel.
Customs control
Israel is famous not only for its legendary history, weapons and intelligence, but the border service with its high standards of security checks. There are quite strict restrictions on the import and export alcoholic beverages across the border of the state of Israel.

How many liters of alcohol you can carry in Israel?

Customs service of the state of Israel is a structural unit of the Tax administration of Israel, which is a division under the Ministry of Finance. Israel, known for its high security standards, paying special attention to customs control.

There are many restrictions on the importation of alcoholic beverages in this country. If alcohol is carried in the Luggage, restrictions on duty-free free import. Spirits, the fortress of which exceeds 22 degrees, can be transported in the total amount of not more than 1 liter per person, whose age is over 18 years old. Alcoholic beverages, a fortress less than 22 degrees, including wine and beer not exceeding 2 litres per person, over 18 years of age. If the alcohol has been bought in Duty Free shops, they must be Packed in plastic bags with a zipper and sealed in the shop at the airport.

In accordance with customs regulations of the state of Israel, passengers are exempt from paying duties on alcohol in this volume: 1 liter of strong alcohol (persons over 18 years): 2 liters of alcoholic beverages (persons over 18).

How many liters of alcohol you can take from Israel?

According to the established international rules, restrictions on the export of alcohol are not set by the state, which leaves the tourist. We can say that the customs of Israel does not regulate the number of alcohol exported from the country if it is carried in the Luggage.
If the removal of alcohol from Israel, for example, on the territory of the Russian Federation is allowed to import spirits total volume of not more than 2 liters for persons who have reached 18 years of age.

Restrictions apply on the export of alcohol from the Duty Free shops. All alcohol must be Packed in a transparent bag and sealed in the store. To set restrictions on the import of foreign alcoholic beverages on its territory should the state where the camper resides.
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