Recently on the territory of the Customs Union of three countries - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the laws were allowed to carry across the border, certain medicines and medical products without a license of the Ministry of industry and trade and permission of Roszdravnadzor. This became possible after numerous appeals of citizens to the Russian customs officers. As reported by the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation, the law applies even to products that are not registered in the country.

Innovation has several important limitations. First of all the drugs out of your Luggage needs to be intended for personal use for medical reasons and not for commercial objectives. To prove the bound potions in a traveling first aid kit, enough doctor's note or prescription (duplicate). It is also good to stock up on extract from the history of the disease.

Second bounding point of the customs law is that medications should not contain any psychotropic and narcotic substances. On the composition of the drug will tell you abstract in the pharmacy package. Sleeping pills, sedatives, diuretics, heart funds and even some "harmless" drugs cough is just a small list of medications with the possible content of the prohibited items.

If the medication is prescribed by a doctor, but narcotic and psychotropic substances it contains, it is subject to compulsory Declaration. Customs you write a statement in the prescribed form, providing all the exact details about your Luggage and attach the relevant medical certificate. Then a small amount of the drug you can take with you.

When all the formalities are met, you will be free to carry the medicine across the borders of the Customs Union – Patriotic, Belarusian, Kazakh. However, if you are going to Europe, America or Asian countries, be careful – each state is free to decide what medications are harmless, and some is a drug.

Suffice it to recall the sensational story of 2012 – the Russian woman tried to smuggle in Estonia his usual sleeping pills and was prosecuted. For the transportation of certain drugs which are freely sold in Russian pharmacies, abroad you can even give jail time. So, very picky about road kits UAE – is prohibited in many tools with codeine, antiviral and analgesic drugs. More than 60 kinds of medicines in the UAE equated to drugs. In Canada and the EU in the black list of sleeping pills with melatonin; herbal preparations (especially from India and China) also you cannot carry across a border.

Don't play with a harsh law - ignorance of the rules of the country you intend to visit will not be your excuse. To joyful journey turned into a serious problem, pre-visit the nearest diplomatic mission of any country and familiarize yourself with all applicable requirements of Luggage and a list of permits.