You will need
  • - the currency of the Declaration;
  • - a passport.
Check whether the amount that you bring in or take out in the Declaration. Should be declared only cash and travellers cheques; Bank card taken out, can be any amount of money is not interested in customs. Besides, not subject to Declaration of amounts up to ten thousand US dollars or its equivalent in the currency of another country.
If you bring more than 10 thousand dollars, declare it. To do this, go to the "red corridor" customs, designed for those who declares your Luggage. Take the Declaration form for special stand or the customs officer.
Complete the form in accordance with the rules. It consists of primary and secondary - need to fill in both. Complete the Declaration in two copies. In the first paragraph, add your personal details - name, surname, patronymic, address, passport details. Next, write down the amount you import or export from the country. If it's not your money, it is also necessary to note, putting the person or organization that owns the money.
In the following paragraph specify where you got these funds and how you plan to spend it. Information is displayed briefly. Also specify where, how and why you came.
After successful fill sign both copies of the Declaration, put on them the date and go to the customs officer at the entrance to the "red corridor". He will advise you about your options.
After you go through customs don't forget to pick up your copy of the Declaration form with the customs stamp. Since then, the funds will be formally declared.