Advice 1: How to cook beans quickly

Of beans you can prepare a large number of delicious dishes, but to preserve its unique and piquant taste, you must know how to properly and quickly cook. Its just a pre-soak, but this method requires a large investment of time. There are several ways in which you can cook beans in a short period of time.
How to cook beans quickly
You will need
Pour the beans very cold water and place over medium heat. Do not cover the pan with a lid, otherwise it will become a dark and unpleasant shade. Once the beans starts boiling, add 3-5 tablespoons of ice water. Repeat procedure up until the beans become soft. Salt only at the end of cooking, as salt makes the water very hard, which slows down the cooking process.
To make the beans elastic, and its soup is rich and hearty, add water 3-5 tablespoons sunflower or olive oil.
To quickly cook the beans , pour beans with cold water and place on medium. As soon as it boils, drain the broth, pour cold water and put on fire for boiling. Repeat this process until cooked beans.
For quick cooking of beans put into the water a little soda (on the tip of a teaspoon). At the end of cooking neutralize the action of soda, adding to the broth a few drops of lemon juice.
Do not rush and take out the beans prematurely, even if you have absolutely no time for cooking. The fact that undercooked beans contain a toxic substance that is extremely toxic and in large amounts can cause goiter or lung toxicity. The consequences are not terrible, but quite unpleasant. In any case, do not risk the health and well-being of their loved ones, and it is better to wait a little more time, and the beans will be completely ready.
The variety of beans has a significant importance in the process of cooking. Cooking time colored beans (pink, yellow, blue) requires much less than whites. If it is large, it is a sign of elite class, and therefore to cook it much faster.
After boiling beans, drain it on a sieve and drench with water at room temperature. The skin may be a little crack, but the beans will acquire a nice elastic consistency.

Advice 2: How to cook beans without soaking

It happens that the time for cooking a particular dish is sorely lacking. For example, cooking beans requires pre-soak for 7-12 hours. So is it possible to speed up the process andcook beans, no soaking it for such a long time?
How to cook beans without soaking
For quick cooking beans without soaking it first, you need to carefully sort, removing damaged beans, debris and dust. After that it is washed under running cold water, dried and poured into a deep large pot, which is two-thirds filled with water. The pan is on medium heat, wait for the water to pokipala fifteen minutes, drain all the water and pour beans with cold clean water. After changing the water pan must again put on fire, wait for re-boiling more time to replace the water and continue to boil the beans for thirty to forty minutes.
Also beans can be cooked without soaking it another way – changing the boiling water is not completely, but just adding a couple of tablespoons of fresh water for the first stage cooking (three-four times). Beans will cook faster due to the temperature drop in the pan. You can also sort and rinse beans, pour it with a small amount of cold water and put to boil on a moderate heat. After boiling the water you need to remove the pan from the heat and tightly cover it with a lid and leave to infuse for an hour. Upon expiration of the beans again, put on the stove and cooked in the usual way.
If you have a little time, beans can be soaked in a small amount of time. For this it is necessary to fill in a large pot with water (proportion 1:3), bring to boil on low heat, then cook for five minutes. After the beans are removed from heat and infused in its own broth for three hours and then cooked for another hour until fully cooked.
Most quickly without pre-soaking, preparing frozen beans, which is boiled on a moderate fire and eaten after fifteen minutes after the start of cooking. White variety, which needs no soaking, cooks for one and a half hours, filled with cold water 3 inches above beans beans. Add the salt should be only at the end of cooking.
To not pre-soak the beans evenly and quickly failed, the water in the cooking process, it is desirable to replace at least two times.
Useful advice
To determine whether the boil for the beans can for its softness, the presence of which is necessary, since undercooked beans contain a hazardous substance.
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