You will need
  • - any office;
  • - qualified personnel;
  • - the founding documents of the main office office;
  • - power of attorney to the head of the branch;
  • - application for tax registration.
Understand the differences branch from the office. The branch bookmakers is its division, which is located outside the legal and physical address of the main office and have the same functions. A branch of the bookmaker can implement them fully or partially. Essentially a branch of the bookmaker is a smaller copy of the same Charter, rules of implementation of activities for receiving monetary bets and issuing payments. In the field of bookmaking the opening of many branches called "umbrella" business. Under the management of the company-the head office of these units are functioning smoothly and consistently. Besides, a significant advantage is the provision of financial guarantees – your business is unlikely to be threatened.
Find the appropriate office. In order to access structural unit of the office betting it will come down a small room. If you want to attract more visitors gambling in his establishment, in addition to the stand Manager betting and issuance of payments, organize room, where people could watch the games or races. Arrange tables, set the machine with cold drinks and set some screens – players will be much more.
After you choose the staff, you will have to register as a branch of the bookmaker. This Central office should give you copies of your own constitutional documents and minutes of the meeting of shareholders or the decision of the founder on opening a branch. In addition to the above papers, you will submit to the tax authority a power of attorney in the name of the future head of the branch office and information about the availability of the account in the state Bank. You will be put on the tax account within one week. After that, head office will provide you use of letterhead and print.