To know the date of your death, you can use the test In the test of about 40 questions covering various aspects of your life, from psychological state to material values. The calculation of the date of death in this test, according to the website based on certain algorithms, and the formula for calculating the date of death designed by English company AstaX, which is more than fifteen years of experience in matters of life and death. The test result is processed within 1-2 minutes, and then you get a detailed result with recommendations in Russian (if necessary, you can select another language).
Of the downsides of the above test is that after answering the questions to obtain the test results are invited to send an SMS. Therefore, especially for those who want to know the date of death for free and without SMS, there are free online resources. For example, on the website prompted to enter the name, date of birth, gender, zodiac sign, presence of harmful habits. And the Oracle immediately gives the answer - the estimated date of your death, and the result you can display on your page Vkontakte. As stated on this website, the method of calculating the date of death supposedly based on astrological research of Moema, Boticelli, Luke, Domini.

Other fun free quiz games you can pass on the resource "Bank of tests" In this test, only 10 questions.
But if you would like to get reliable information about when you die, refer to palmistry. The practice of divination by the hand is known since ancient times, but a lot depends on the professionalism of the palmist. Because the line of life is not the only factor by which to determine the life at hand, you also need to consider a number of other signs. By the way, many palmists believe that man is not to report the approximate date of his death, because this prediction could turn into a realized prophecy. Simply put, there is a kind of self-hypnosis.
Do not forget that death is the end only for the physical body but not your soul. In addition, the importance not only (and not mainly) how many years a person has lived and how he lived his life. You can live 100 years and exist, and you can live not so long, but to leave a mark in this life. To make the world a little better, to bring people joy, give them love and warmth.