You will need
  • - computer
  • - automatic language identifier
  • - if you define a language on its own - sources and description of various languages.
You have several options. You can consult a specialist so that he determined the language of the text. You can try to determine the language. But today the quickest way to define the language for those who have the Internet is automatic language identifier.
In the first case, for all you do specialist. Second - analyze the text. To the peculiarities of different languages include: the direction of writing, the character set subscript and Superscript characters, and the like.
For a quick way to use automatic language identifier, which is sometimes called the guesser. Today developed various determinants of language that you can use for free. Basically, the determinants of language differ in the number of languages that they recognize, and vocabulary base in each language.
The determinant functions as follows. He divides the text you entered in the corresponding field of the word. Comparison of words with those that are in the database of the determinant. He then counts the number of matches of words in different languages and shows you the result – the most suitable language or languages (there may be several).