You will need
  • invitation;
  • - treats;
  • equipment, DJ, MS;
  • balloons, ribbon, beads;
  • neon lamp, Lumiere;
  • generators with the effects of foam etc.;
  • TV, collection of movies, Board games;
  • - suits.
Decide on the party venue and guest list. The more friends, the merrier, however, ask guests not to bring along a stranger to you. first, it's not safe, and secondly, a friendly party – with a close and intimate circle, and not just acquaintances.
Now you need to choose the theme of the celebration. "Glamour party", "battle party", "the Retro-pati", "Foam party", "Movie party". The choice depends on the entertainment, dress code, size of the premises and menu.
Calculate the holiday budget if the party dedicated to your birthday, for example, of course, all the costs you assume. But if it is a joint party, then why not share the costs at all.
Send letter of invitation. The traditional way is not quite appropriate, everyday cards a few boring, alternative to postcards. Another option is the suddenness of the message. Send early morning or late night MMS messages to all invited. You can send us an email video invitation. The more interesting approach – the more fun holiday organization.
Room decoration, facilities, cottages, summer Playground it depends again on the theme of the party. Let's say you have a house outside the city, where you plan on "Foam party". Here come the balloons with helium, streamers, stretched satin ribbons, nets, inflatable dolphins and the community for swimming. If you have a pool, it's just wonderful. On the surface of the water before the arrival of guests you can arrange the flowers, for example. If you allow the financial capabilities, hire a foam generator or a generator of soap bubbles.
For other categories, there are generators with effects such as: wind, confetti, snow, fog. For a glamorous party fit stretched along the perimeter of thread with gold beads, and curtain with glass stones, decorative pillows leather, fur, brocade. The table will replace the bar, and lighting – disco-ball, spotlights and neon lights.
Treat. For a "Movie party" the best menu - a mountain of chips, crackers, popcorn, pizza, Cola, maybe cocktails. For foam parties will approach the reception. Light refreshments, canapés, fruit salads, martinis, and lots and lots of ice for cocktails. If you cook a standard meal, then diversify the menu with new recipes of salads, meat dishes and dessert.
Dress code. Pre-inform guests what they should "come to the ball." If it's a retro party, let the ladies wearing long evening dresses with the styling in the style of the 60's, for guys – black suit, highly polished shoes, perhaps grandfather and cylinder useful. For a holiday with a swimming pool, anyway, you need a bathing suit, pareo, and flip flops. For the screening, organized after 22.00, it will go for the requirement of the presence of the pajamas. Be creative, guests do not have to go on the street, let him take "costumes" with you. Although the taxi drivers, if it picked up passengers in pajamas, would be surprised (in this case, supply of video camera would be a reason to laugh together).
Entertainment. The name of the party speaks for itself. Created by your hands the atmosphere to heal your own life. Your task is to take care of the music, technology, TV, Board games. You can hire a DJ with equipment, dancers, invite the guests of MC. You all must succeed!