First of all, indicate the reason for joy. Check the calendar in search of official holidays and future birthdays. If they are expected, fit the recent sports achievements of our athletes, foreign holidays-Halloween or Oktoberfest, anniversary of any historical event or invention, the birthday of your idol. You can make a "pizza day", "day of beer", etc., Than the original occasion for fun you come, the more interesting promises to be a party.
Consider who you want to see at the party and count the number of guests.
Find a suitable place where you can organize your holiday. In the summer you can have fun and outdoors, making appropriate scenery: stretch tents, stretch rented tents. Perfect for parties Villa or cottage. In cold seasons the room can be removed. Home parties – not the best option if you live in an apartment building: there are limited space for a maximum of 10 people, and angry neighbors. However, if you have a quiet, intelligent party, or mystical, divination by the Tarot, consider that option.
Assign the date and time of the party, and buy the majority of the invited.
Determine the budget of the party. Calculate how much money you have to spend on equipment, food and drink, accessories and gifts for competitions. Feel free to invite all invited to chip in on the conduct of parties in the end, fun will they.
Select food and drinks. In regards to the food you need to find a middle ground. On the one hand, not the amount of food determines the fun guests, so do not hold a long feast. On the other hand, guests should not go hungry, otherwise they too will not be before the holiday. The ideal option to provide a snack in the free access that everyone can easily snack when he wants it. Accordingly, this appetizer should be in the form of fruit, sandwiches and canapés, pieces of cheese, meat, sausages.

As for drinks, you should ask the invited what drinks they expect to see at the party. In the end, maybe someone will be individual wishes.
Think about the musical accompaniment. Universal option – to have fashionable dance mix. When the party is on, for example, birth, Britney Spears has another child, should concentrate primarily on the songs of Britney Spears. If your environment has specific musical preferences, follow them.
Think fun and competitions are in fact just there to dance boring. Try to fit activities and contests in the theme of your party. For example, "pizza day" arrange a competition on her speed eating. The anniversary of the founding of the Bolshoi theatre mark masquerade. The release of a new action movie with your favorite actor in the lead role celebrate competitions on accuracy with target and Darts. Look for the idea of universal games on the Internet. For example, "phantom" will be held at "cheers" in almost any party. Stock up on all necessary equipment for games and competitions.
Assign the host party. If guests will be a lot of supply loudspeaker or a microphone.
Here, in fact, the whole ideological background of a good party. It now remains to bring the idea to life and have fun from the heart!