Peter and Fevronia, the Orthodox patrons of the home of family values, whose marriage serves as a model of Christian marriage. According to ancient legend, they became spouses after the daughter of a simple apiary cured Fevronia of Murom Prince Peter from a terrible disease. Lovers have been canonized by the Church in 1547 for the true Christian piety of true mutual love and faithfulness. The day of Peter and Fevronia was widely celebrated until 1917. This holiday was taken to visit the temples where the young people prayed and asked the Lord about love, and the older generation on family well-being.

The initiative for the revival of the feast in post-Soviet Russia belongs to the citizens of Murom (Vladimir oblast), it was there that the relics of saints Peter and Fevronia. The idea was supported by deputies of the state Duma and the government of the Russian Federation and approved by the majority of religious organizations of the country. Spouse of President of Russia Svetlana Medvedev took an active part in the revival of the festival and offered to make a symbol of this day Daisy flower.

From year to year the geography of celebrating the Day of family, love and fidelity has grown steadily. The holiday is celebrated almost in every corner of Russia. Spouses and lovers, children and grandchildren, this day presented to each other on a field of daisies, trying to take care of their loved ones. In all the churches of the country, the solemn worship dedicated to the memory of the Holy Wonderworkers of Murom Prince Peter and Princess Febronia.

In most cities of Russia this day is a real "wedding boom". Many couples believe that the marriage to the Day of family, love and fidelity is a guarantee of a long and happy life together. The number of marriages was registered on 8 Jul, growing every year. The registry office and marriage Palaces in this day maximally extend its work to make everyone a pair. Many regions of the Russian Federation is carried out special action "July 8 – a Day without divorces".