Children's armchair, which is set against the motion, it is forbidden to put on the front seat, if there can be triggered the airbag. Often the pillow just disable, but this feature is not available on all cars. It is not recommended to install on the place of chairs, located along the movement. The fact that the pillow when uncovering has a great force of bestowal. It is calculated for adult and child, can cause various kinds of injuries.
The chair recommended to install on the back seat. There is much safer to the child than the front. The safest place in the car is the rear middle seat.
It is best to make fastening seat three-point seat belts. Stably mounted to the chair ensuring maximum safety. The chair needs to be fastened tightly. Backlash should not be more than two inches. When installing a car seat carrier 0+, note that the straps are not messed up. The straps should be at its place.
Quite often there are cases when in the car short straps. The parents in this case, decide that you can only use the lap part of the belt. It is very dangerous. It is necessary to solve the problem in the shortest time. In any service station replaced the belts on the longer straps. It is forbidden to squeeze a carseat back of the front seat. If you happen to crash, the backrest can break, and it is unlikely to benefit the child in the seat.
When installing seats, be sure to pay attention to counterpart automotive belt. Should not be contact banners with parts of the chair. If congestion occurs, the belt may loosen. You need to ensure that straps are not twisted. Tight you need to tighten the inner straps of the chair.