You will need
  • - insect repellent;
  • plastic bottle or bucket.
First, we need to dress properly for a hike in the woods to pick berries. Uniforms should be: long pants or trousers with elastic band at the bottom, t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, a hat which will fit snugly to the head (preferably bright colors). Bring mosquito repellent, it can be a spray, an aerosol or a cream. If you have a high sensitivity to the bites of bees or wasps, be sure to take an antihistamine.
Take a forest guide, who is familiar with the area and will help you to go to the berry fields. After all, the most popular places can be that the gifts of nature someone has already gathered before you. If you do decide to go into the woods alone, be sure to take the cell phone, it may happen that you get lost.
In mid-June, kept pace with fragrant strawberries, in July you can collect a rich harvest of useful blueberries and strawberries in late summer is cranberries and blackberries, and fall – cranberry. Cranberries and cloudberries grow in swamps. But you should know safe places, as in swamps there are swamps.
Going to the forest, prepare the correct utensils for picking berries. For these purposes, the best plastic bottle with a cut neck. Thread the cord through it and hang on the neck, it is quite easy and hands free. Can also fit a plastic bucket with a lid, it can be used as a chair, after all, to gather berries more comfortable sitting in comfort, rather than hunched on his haunches. Collect forest products in a bottle and peresypaya in a bucket.
Be careful when picking berries, because the forest grows not only useful and edible, but poisonous. Plant with black berries on the stem end – a crow's eyes. It is particularly poisonous fruits and roots, they contain a substance parastites, which is dangerous not only for humans but also for cattle.
Honeysuckle fruits have a dark red color and sit in pairs on the branches of a Bush. At first it may seem that you found a good discovery, but do not hurry up to collect it – they are inedible. Most often, the honeysuckle plant gardeners and gardeners as hedges. Also you must know the berries of marsh Calla. They represent the fruits of a red colour, which are collected in the cob.