A lie cannot be considered as an integral quality of a person, it's an acquired defect. The purer the soul of man, the less his need to lie, at some stage of spiritual ascent lies just becomes unthinkable. But this level is reach a few people, so for most lies in certain limits, is quite conventional and commonplace. Is not near a loved one, the habit of lying, even in detail, does not cause any inconvenience – rather the contrary, makes the life more easy and comfortable. Everything changes when love comes. It's one thing to lie to someone. It is quite another for someone you love.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that love and lies are incompatible. Speaking the language of religion, the first God, the second is of the devil. A lie always speaks of something that does not exist, and this is its main difference from the truth. When a person falls in love, the incompatibility of love and lies begins to appear particularly acute. The lie becomes something unthinkable, the impossible – how could you lie looking into the eyes of your loved one?

However, lies in families is quite common. The reason for this is that love is very often mistaken love, passion. In the words that lovers communicate with souls, no exaggeration – on the energy level of loving people bound by thousands of invisible threads. The intersection, consonance of souls is so great that two people actually become one. Very often they are without words to understand each other, feel desire for their other half, take her pain as his own. The main requirement is the desire to give something back, to donate, to do something nice, and not to take and to get.

Love is a temporary infatuation is different from love that harmony shower occurs. There is a small energy contact, with a person's love for something. This is an important point: true love is unconditional, it arises through the merging of souls. Love, passion need something for that person to love. Though the word "love" in this case is incorrect, since true love is not. Have a craving for the object of adoration to his appearance, to some qualities, real or imaginary. But when desire becomes available, quickly bored, bored. Love disappears, the person begins to realize that no love was not that he made a mistake. If you have already created a family, there is a dilemma – either to go or to live with unloved man. In the latter case and there the most fertile ground for lies. Quite often it is present from the beginning, if the marriage is of convenience. There is no love, the man feels entitled to look for entertainment on the side. The lie becomes necessary, allows you to hide the violation of marital fidelity.

When love is real, deception is impossible. And impossible because "impossible", but because no other man just do not need. The very possibility of lying is unthinkable. Sometimes, though, cheating can still take place but it, too, comes from love. This is the case when the lie is in salvation. Protecting a loved one from any anxieties or worries, you can sometimes lie, but a lie isn't a lie as such, since it is based not on greed and love.