Falling in love does not mean love

The opinions of psychologists differ, however, accepted that the state of love is like a disease or obsession. Lover man is capable of unthought things, and he has much forgiven. Keen senses, he wants to possess the object of his adoration. People often fall into the trap of their own passions and to confuse the true feelings with the fleeting flash of turbulent emotions.

Love inspires and gives a sense of euphoria, which will soon come the disappointment and longing. Known fact – loving people suffer frequent mood swings and become hostages to their passions and desires.

Love implies a completely different approach. A loving person will never freak out. Undoubtedly, passion outwardly looks much more attractive. It is impossible to feel a deep sense to the person after a few meetings. Unfortunately, "love at first sight" never happens. A large sympathy, a crazy desire, passion, obsession, anything, but not true love. To create a true, deep feeling, a long way to go.

When true love is born

The main difference between infatuation and love is that a man in love thinks first about himself, but about loving your partner.

A long and strong relationship can't be based on love. In love people see all the faults of the other and accept their beloved as they are, care about them, support.

True love requires materialization. People give each other gifts, make surprises, pleasing his beloved, finally, having children.

If one is bad, then the second half suffers with him, moments of happiness together, too. It happens that over time, people become even resembling each other, and sometimes think alike. People live in an atmosphere of complete trust and confidence in their own feelings.

Over time, love disappears and is replaced by disappointment, and love over the years, on the contrary, becomes even stronger.

It happens that passion over time transformirovalsya in love, when people get to know each other. We can say that love is only the first step, a small part of a long journey called "True Love", and not everyone is destined to pass it.