In the first place, of course, will be toys, so children love them. If you want to really please their child, find out in advance what he wants. Ahead of summer vacation, so there will be actual bikes, scooters, roller skates, balls, sets for games in the street, inflatable pools.

Younger student can give a personal page in Internet. Help children to feel adult and independent and will have a unique opportunity to Express themselves. He will be able to find new friends, find new interests. Of course, the first time you have to help him.

If you are a busy parent, a good gift for children's Day will be time spent with the baby. Talk about this with him in advance, make a plan of action. Entrust the choice of places that you visit, to the child. It certainly has its own ideas about where he would like to visit. Compare this plan with their financial resources, not to get in trouble.

A small child is not worth having in a movie theater, the kid gets bored, he'll get tired of sitting, and you will have to leave. Go to the amusement Park, the zoo, the planetarium or visit a swimming pool with children's slides. Consider the issue of power, or an interesting walk spoil an empty stomach.

Almost all kids love Hiking, you can give them this short day trip. Not nearly as much fun as the campaign itself, will bring joint training to him. Sit for a couple of nights with the baby over the map, developing route. You should not choose a difficult to overcome areas, avoid climbs over rocks, crossing rivers by wading. A wonderful option is the forest. Before traveling, provide the child comfortable shoes and weather appropriate clothing. Make sure to prepare something on the campfire, such as baked jacket potatoes, kids love this dish. Don't forget to make interesting photos, so the child could amaze their friends.