Time management in the exam can significantly improve your chances of success. Calculate it so that 3.5 hours on writing essays you have at least an hour. Postpone working on the essay at the end of the exam, because this question will require you to maximum concentration and effort.
Carefully read and analyze the proposed topic. The choice to stop is one that you understand. You can verify this, having reformulated its title in your own words. In addition, you should have sufficient Luggage of theoretical and practical material necessary for its disclosure. The problem you describe, should reflect the depth of your knowledge of social studies.
Once the topic is selected, think carefully about the structure of the work. Pick up scientific concepts, definitions, and generalizations that you use when writing an essay. Consider arguments that indicate your personal attitude to the problem. They must lean on facts of social life in General, as well as your social experience. Make a thesis plan writing and record it in the draft.
If time allows, write an essay in draft form. So you will be able to detect and correct mistakes and inaccuracies. Start the essay with a clear designation of their own opinions on the matter ("I agree with the words of...", "I think not quite true statement..."). Next, formulate your understanding of the statements that became the subject of the essay. Don't repeat the title verbatim, it is important to determine its main idea and briefly outline the course of your further arguments.
In the main part give convincing and cogent arguments, characterizing your position in respect of this problem. Use these various social Sciences, the facts of social life as well as your personal social experience. To substantiate its point of view, quite 3-5 arguments, the excess of their quantity can make an essay vague and cumbersome. Divide the main part of the essay into paragraphs containing one main idea.
The final part of the essay should contain the final output, integrating your reasoning. Here you can briefly touch upon issues closely related to the subject, but it remains unsolved to mention other aspects and relationships in which the subject receives a new meaning.
At the end of the work carefully check the text, correct the errors and bad wording. Edited essay, write down the form of the answer.