You will need
  • yarn
  • - spokes
To associate the sweater newborn, you will need one hundred grams (one skein) soft yarn. You can select acrylic yarn discreet pastel shades.
Dial on the spokes 40 loops vyvazhivanija backless blouses and knit 2 cm elastic. At the end evenly add 5-7 loops.
Knit the back of the main pattern to the armholes. When choosing a primary pattern, we should look at embossed tone-on-tone patterns, as in vyvazhivanii ornaments on the underside of the blade will remain crossed threads, which may cause inconvenience to you and the child putting on the blouse.
For registration of openings evenly distribute the loops on both sides of canvas back. Next knit basic pattern to the level of the neck.
Evenly distribute the loop by closing 15 medium, forming the neck of the back.
For vyvazhivanija shelves blouses dial on the spokes for 20 loops and knit 2 cm rubber band at the end of the knitting evenly add 3-5 loops.
Next knit basic pattern until the armholes, leaving the parties to the proposed closure several loops to promazyvanija strap that runs through the crochet headband. Every 4-5 inches on one of the planks of the shelves promazyvaya air loop or yo for forming a loop under the button.
At the armholes, close loop, in accordance with the size of the openings on the canvas of the backrest at the level of the neck.
Crochet sleeveless dial on the spokes to 20 loops in each sleeve and tie a rubber band 2 cm. At the end of the knitting evenly add 10 stitches on each sleeve. Then knit the basic pattern. At a height of about 10 centimeters form the armhole, closing the loop extreme.
Wet all parts of the blouse, put the pattern and let them dry. Sew all the parts together. On the edge of the neck cast on 30 stitches and knit elastic band 3 cm, evenly forming the collar.
Sew buttons on the bar shelves.