You will need
  • - suitable yarn
  • - spokes
First of all, you need to choose the right scheme. Here to help and magazines, and the Internet. We stop their attention on children's overalls.
Now is the time to purchase material. For baby Romper best option – the combination of mélange yarn with pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby.
To start to crochet jumpsuit to his leg. We print on the spokes 42 of the loops and knit 6 cm elastic band. This should diminish the loop for bevels in each 6th row 7 times.
Linking 25 centimeters, you have to loop to delay and take up the second pant leg.
Continue knitting the translation hinges on a shared needle. Remove the right and left for 10 loops (this will close the placket).
Linking 46 centimeters we need to divide the work into separate spokes.
For the right side of the front of the dialed 16 loops, with 6 loops to close the armholes. 48 loops back. Close again 6 loops. 16 loops the left part of the front.
Recruited 34 loops and vivasyan their 6 inches of elastic. The sleeves are ready.
Proceed to the hood. Recruited 80 loops and knit elastic. Measure out 10 inches from the edge of the set. After 45 loops on both sides, knit all the 10 inches. Closed loop.
On the right strap make three holes. There will be button up the buttons. Sew the hood to the neckline of the back. Vacuem sleeves and all the stitching. Sew large beautiful buttons.
Knitting for the little ones, provides scope for creativity and original ideas. You can use colored ornaments, contrast details. Seeing his little girl in a chic jumpsuit that is associated to you personally, you will realize that labor is not in vain.