You will need
  • yarn, knitting needles of a conventional knitting needles circular
Every mother wants her baby was beautiful, warmly dressed. If mom knows how to knit, there is no better way to replenish the wardrobe of the childthan to tie his elegant, bright things. Now on sale a variety of knitting magazines that details of the scheme, the drawings are photos of the finished products. Also learn some interesting ideas of children's clothing from the Internet. So you've decided to tie the clothes your child on the spokes themselves.
For this you will need colored yarn, zipper or smooth, round buttons, knitting needles. On the package of yarn is always written, spokes what thickness you need. Because the baby in knitted clothes should be comfortable and cozy, take a knitting needle one size larger than recommended: binding will be more loose, and the thing, respectively, softer. Select the desired style and knit, following pattern.
Remember that little baby to wear not so simple, and so, it is not necessary to knit thing with a narrow neck. Better to knit on the shoulder fastener (for which-it just needed the zipper or buttons – your choice) or a fastener-Polo on the chest. Then the neck size will automatically increase, and you can dress your baby will be much easier. Very often, baby clothes decorated with appliqués. If you are too lazy to knit the pattern, applique will be a great way to decorate a sweater or dress. Read the instructions to this application and attach it to the front of the product, following the instructions.
Knitting things for the baby – a joyful occupation. Time you spend a little, because baby stuff is small in size, but all will certainly be astonished, seeing your baby in mom's arms related things.