Method the first laser.
Many suggest to use a laser to remove eyebrow tattoo. At once note that this procedure is not only costly, but also to completely remove the tattoo, you will need several sessions. In addition, the laser helps not for everyone. This is connected, often with a lack of professionalism of the employees of the parlors, and "low power" of the device.
The second way is the solution.
The essence of this method of removing tattoo is that on top of the already applied to the tattoo in the skin is driven in a special composition. For complete discoloration will need 3-5 treatments. The cost of this method is also not available too. At the same time, if you refer not to the professional, there is a serious risk of getting a keloid scar. If your master – Pro in their industry, and the effect is truly arresting.
How to show the tattoo on <b>eyebrows</b>
The third way home.
This method of removing eyebrow tattoo was discovered by us on one of the forums. Unfortunately, reliable data on its effectiveness is not. However, the most daring can try it, as it is quite affordable and easy. You need to run a bath with very hot water and after 30 minutes of being in it to wash, and then rubbed into the eyebrows match sulfur. Thus, it should be very careful in order not sulfur gets into your eyes. And sulfur must not be dye.
Match sulfur