You will need
  • From 10 to 20 thousand rubles, proven cosmetic salon, a good specialist, laser machine, it is better not Chinese, and made in the USA.
To guaranteed and safe to remove tattoo on the skin with a laser beam. He goes inside and either removes the superficial layers of the skin with paint or destroys or lightens in the skin or under the skin of the paint. Thus the tattoo is gradually reduced.
To begin, the master must determine what is the tattoo that should be removed. If your tattoo applied very shallow, and slightly affected only the epidermis, can be removed using the method of laser vaporization. It uses an erbium laser. He removes portions of the epidermis while not leading to the formation of scars. Skin after the operation is recovered quickly, almost within a week.
A more gentle method of removing tattoo - selective photochemical. Using this method, the outer layer of the skin does not suffer. Reduce the tattoo over several sessions, gradually working laser pattern. First tattoo getting paler and paler. Then she merges with the skin.
Depending on which pattern is applied on the skin, what is its brightness, the quality of the paint and depth, removal takes from 3 weeks to a year. However, the average tattoo disappears for 3-5 sessions.
Lasers for tattoo removal use different. Ruby needed to derive green, blue and black images. Usually a ruby laser influence on shallow tattoo, located in the epidermis. Such a laser is suitable for removal of homemade tattoos, even if the paint leaked into the dermis, but not very deep.
You cannot use this type of laser for removing tattoo is very bright, the paint which has penetrated very deeply. In this case, may leave scars, because the ruby laser operates with a low speed. Faster laser of similar actions - the alexandrite.

The fastest and the best device - a neodymium laser. He is very fast, instantly penetrates into the deepest skin layers, without having to affect its integrity. This device destroys only the dye, but not the skin. Micro-particles of the dye are then removed from the body in a natural way. With the help of a neodymium laser can remove tattoos of any color and depth.