If you want to get rid of the marked tattoo, do not try to do it yourself. Your attempts will not bring the desired result, the home use of any methods can cause serious harm to the skin.
The most safe, reliable, painless method of removing tattoo is the use of laser correction. The procedure is quite expensive, but allows you to quickly remove the tattoo applied, reducing the side effects of redness and scabs to a minimum. Laser removal carried out in any beauty salon, equipped with modern medical instruments.
No less popular method of removing tattoo is the application of a new tattoo Nude. The colorant is driven deep into the skin and helps to completely remove previously applied permanent makeup. While tanning after the procedure is not recommended. If the skin color change caused flesh tone will look whitish spots.
Surgical method of getting rid of tattooing, or dermabrasion is a cutting of the skin around pigment, and excising it with a scalpel. This can lead to serious complications, deep scars, is therefore only in exceptional cases.
Chemical tattoo removal using the acids and salts also refers to safe, but quite effective methods of removing the tattoo from the skin. It consists in the partial burning of the skin along with applied the dye, which can lead to deep scars and scars.
The last method of removing tattoo – electrocoagulation. Using high pulses of electric current tattoo disappears completely, but the scars after burns for a long time remain the main decoration of the skin.
Absolutely safe methods of removing the tattoo does not exist, so before applying any tattoo, think carefully and if you need it and what will you do, if you want to change the image or capricious fashion will change and stylish are completely different images.