Advice 1: How to install driver for motherboard

Motherboard – the main element of a personal computer. From the technical characteristics of this equipment depends on the choice of the majority of other elements. To ensure a stable synchronous operation of the devices in the computer need to install drivers for the motherboard.
How to install driver for motherboard
You will need
  • Dirver Pack Solution.
Motherboard is a fairly complex equipment. It consists of several separate devices. While similar models of motherboards can vary in a number of characteristics. Not to find their own drivers for each device, using the Driver Pack Solution.
Visit the website and download the specified program. For this you will need to have application uTorrent or equivalent. Wait until the files and open the directory where you saved the program Driver Pack Solution.
Run the file-app with the name dps and wait until the initialisation has finished the connected devices. Click "settings" and activate the following items: "CPU Temperature", "Install unsigned drivers" and "expert Mode".
Now expand the Drivers tab and examine the list of files that are available for installation on this computer. Select the checkboxes of those items that apply to your motherboard. Usually they are called a "Chipset". To ensure the safety of drivers to install, select all the paragraphs that are not related to your video card.
Click "Install" and wait until the program completes Driver Pack Solution. From the final screen will contain a message asking you to restart the computer. Click "Restart now".
After entering the operating system start menu "device Manager". Make sure no exclamation marks next to the names of the equipment.
If you failed to update the drivers automatically, go to the website of the motherboard manufacturer. Download the required files after selecting the model of the equipment. Update the drivers using the menu option "device Manager".

Advice 2: How to install sound card driver

Sound problems may occur after you install a new operating system and because of the conflict some programs from driver sound card. If for some reason you've lost sound on your computer and are sure that the problem is the sound driver for your sound card, you should follow a few simple steps.
How to install sound card driver
Download the current driver for your sound card for your computer model. To do this, you need to determine the manufacturer to know which site to look for a driver. If you have a laptop, visit the manufacturer's website, and selecting your model and download the driver. If you have a desktop computer with integrated sound card, look for the motherboard manufacturer and pick a driver for your model Board. If you have a separate sound card, on the website of the manufacturer, enter the model of the sound card and find the driver you need.The driver not only must be suitable to the model of your laptop, motherboard or sound card, but to match the operating system on your computer.
After the driver is loaded, you should remove the existing driver. To do this, click "start" - "control Panel" - "System" and click on the "Hardware tab" and then "device Manager". In the list, select sound card by clicking on it right click, go to "Properties" and then "Uninstall driver".
When the old driver will be removed again to return to the "Properties" of the sound card and select "Install driver" or "Update driver". This will open the "setup Wizard" and you will only have to follow his hints, and specify a folder containing previously downloaded a new driver. Therefore, the driver of the sound card will be installed.
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