What are the hidden works

Hidden works carried out at the installation of various structures. For example, the incorporation of columns, beams, girders, and other steel structures. This includes all activities for processing corrosion-resistant composition of the metal bases of the building. Construction of steel structures furnace to close their brick walls are also considered hidden jobs.

To hidden works in the manufacture and Assembly of structures made of wood is their treatment formulations protecting against the appearance of mold and rot. In addition, can take place handling fire-fighting compositions and compounds that prevent the erosion of pests. Fitting and fixing window and door units are considered as hidden work.

To hidden sanitary measures taken include the installation of devices, which are input in a building of the underground engineering networks. As well as the laying of underground pipelines, and outdoor close in tunnels, under water and closed structures.

Installation musoroprovodnaja cameras and other piping, pneumatic and hydraulic tests of hidden pipes and ventilation systems to the application of insulation also apply to concealed work.

Inspection and examination of the hidden works

Any of these works may be taken only after the examination with the preparation of required report and examination. The act can be made only after the process of installation of structures or the communication is fully completed. In the case of a long break between stages of the work, compliance of work performed standards should happen just before the beginning of a new stage.

If one phase of the work has not passed inspection, the second stage of the work can not be carried out. There are a number of designs, the receipt of which is carried out at an intermediate stage. In case the erected structures have a complex or unique design, verification hidden works is carried out based on specially designed technical conditions in the presence of a working draft. Any inspection of hidden work and preparation of acts has the right to perform only the construction companies, which work was done.

When a certain type of works completed, signed by the act on the hidden work in triplicate. One of them is transferred to the customer, and other contractor and subcontractor.