Read and understand all topics of essays. Select the one that you are best able to reveal. Then consider how you are going to explain and describe their thoughts. Try to pick a motto that will reflect the content or main idea of your work. If you do not pick, do not worry - the presence of an epigraph is optional.
Ponder the essay topic. Consider:

- what is the problem you want to address;
- how to formulate issues and how to answer them;
- how do you justify and argue their claims.
Make a plan-scheme of work draft, write there your main ideas and thoughts. Consider how you will be able to substantiate their claims:

- quotes from the work (not more than two or three sentences), which will confirm, and not to repeat your thoughts;
- links to the relevant episodes;
- analysis of the product (decide what the key points of the text confirm your position).
Think about what style you will write (it is important your personal style as the author of the essays). Decide in advance what will be the introduction and conclusion. It is best if the beginning and end of your work like switches in a ring: the ideological (is approved and confirmed the same idea) or formal (repetition of words). It's easy, if you in the beginning, carefully think through your paper, especially its initial and final parts. Test yourself, not away whether you from topics: read the topic of their work and compare it with what you want to write.
Write an introduction. It can contain:

- an invitation to conversation;
- the view of the author;
- identification of the problem (it should be clearly stated);
- the transition to the main part.
The introduction should not repeat the content of the text. The volume of the introductory part should be small – only 3-4 sentences. If necessary, cross out the unnecessary phrase. If you can't start from the beginning, you can start with the main body of text, leaving room for an introduction. Better yet, think: what's stopping you approach the topic? Perhaps you still have not clearly formulated the basic problem or other provisions of the text.
The beginning of the essay should move smoothly to the main part. Writing the main part, using the plan-scheme, read it. Make sure that the main part corresponds to the topic and does not contain superfluous statements and thoughts. They say they are your statements with the author's intent and the content of the text? Mark your main points in the margins with a pencil. In conclusion you can repeat them in other words. Please note that it should not be large. Introduction and conclusion should be no more than 25% of the text.
Read carefully all the work. Correct errors, eliminate inaccuracies in the words. If possible, check your dictionary orfogramm in the correct spelling which you are not sure. Take careful note of the punctuation. Mentally explain those signs, which I doubt.