To write a competent essay in literature, you need to carefully study the source code. First read it a few times, try to isolate the problem that confronts you, the author. A topic he raises, maybe it's patriotism, maybe it is a problem of today's youth, the relationship between fathers and children. After you highlight a problem, start writing essay.
Essay structure should consist of three parts: introduction, main body and conclusion.
In the introduction you should describe the problem set before you.
The main part is the most important component of the essay. Here you must either agree with the author or disagree.
In this part use more words like: in my opinion; I think; I agree, don't agree with the author that.
Give arguments supporting your position. To do this, use other literary sources, shows that you bothered to view on television. Perhaps you will rely on your personal experience. The most important thing here clearly defend their point of view. Do not use colloquial speech, the word parasites. As essay is an art essay of reflection.
The advantage is that if you're going to ask rhetorical questions.
The conclusion is not less important part of the composition. In conclusion, it is necessary to come to certain conclusions that would follow after the main part.