Retirement is not a death sentence

If you are used every day to go to work and perform the terms of certain responsibilities, after retirement, you can feel the emptiness, your time is now for the first time belongs only to you. But if competently to organize it, miss you just do not have. Retirement is not tantamount to a cessation of active life filled with interesting events. Now you have a lot of free time and you can dedicate it to yourself.

Get healthy

Physical inactivity – the scourge of our time. Lack of exercise negatively affects all systems of the body. The result become limp atrophied muscles, low back pain, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease. And if the working person is often not enough time for sports, the retirement solves this problem. You can start to do Jogging, to join the pool or do yoga. The easiest way to maintain good health – morning exercise. The complex of easy exercises done after waking up, fill your entire day with energy and positivity.

Start eating right

It is well known that proper nutrition is the key to health and longevity. And if the working man has no opportunity to adhere to the basic rules of proper nutrition is to eat often, in small portions, to give preference to food cooked on a couple is a pensioner sin not to take advantage of this chance. Many believe that proper nutrition requires you to purchase any expensive products. It's not as seasonal vegetables and fruits, lean meats and fish, milk and dairy products are inexpensive. And giving up meats, sweets and alcohol, you can still save significantly.

Think about your favorite classes

If you like to knit, sew, needlepoint, grow potted plants, but time is never enough, now you can devote yourself to the beloved entirely. Maybe you like crossword puzzles, solve puzzles and logic puzzles – these creative classes are great for enhancing learning, memory and memories.


Perhaps in your youth you were fond of reading books favorite authors, but in the circle of life gave it up – now is the time to remember about your Hobbies. You can reread favorite classical works, or to pay attention to new authors published recently. No need to buy costly editions – you can join the library and borrow books there.

Trips and new acquaintances

The retirement age is not the end of life. Don't hide from the outside world in his apartment. Even with a tiny budget, you can find something for everyone. Go for a walk, visit museums, exhibitions, various courses, clubs. You will definitely find like-minded people who can go on a tour or to discuss a recently viewed film.

Spend time with friends and family

The presence of a pension certificate does not make you less loved in the circle of his family and relatives. On the contrary, you have more time to enjoy the company of loved ones. You can help your children with their grandchildren and themselves to enjoy the moments spent among those who are dear to you.