Discover exactly where you want to create a poll: in the subject in the group, post in a public page or a personal page. If you create a poll in the discussions of the group, you can always post it in the news page above all the records. This is useful if the vote goes through several days, and its result is important to you.
To create a survey in a group, go to "Discussion groups", right click on "New topic". Fill in the "Name" field. For Example, The "Survey". In the text of the subject, specify what it was about the interview. Can also specify what you need the vote, which will make the victory of either option. If it's a contest with prizes, tell us about the rules and process of issuing prizes to the winners.
The bottom of the page there is a button "Attach". Move the cursor to the last item in the menu that appears will be "Poll", click on it. Enter the name of the survey, and proceed to fill in the answers. On the right there are buttons to add or remove options. There is also the possibility to put a poll as the group administrator, and on behalf of the entire community. If you prefer the second option, put a tick in the box next to "community".
Click on the button in the lower left corner of the "Create a theme". The survey will appear in the topics. In the upper right corner there is a button "Edit", clicking on which you will be able to remove, to edit the theme and fix it, that is, your vote will appear where now there is a description of the group. This survey can also be copied onto your page using the button "Make a repost".
To create a survey on your personal page, write on their wall, and then hover over the button "Attach" and "Other". Penultimate version - "Poll", select it and create a survey as well as in group. To vote was popular, select "anonymous voting".