If you have prepared the gift is small, you can pack it into several boxes of different dimensions. To make it even more interesting, something filled in each of the pseudo-packages. For example, in the large capacity put a lot of wrapping paper, a box smaller place a sisal or raffia, and the little fill of colorful confetti. This humorous design will certainly make the receiver feel a child's excitement: the gift right in front of him, and get not out.
Treasure map

Giving a gift can turn into the original game. You need to hide prepared a surprise and leave a few tips which they could find the "treasure". Connect imagination. Encrypt hints, turn them into charades or riddles. Draw a real map, which will be marked with key locations, the number of steps to them, etc. – just like real pirates. Arrange with neighbors or even with the sellers at the convenience store, then finding a gift will be a truly exciting adventure.
Magic thread

If someone whom you wish to give a gift that lives with you in one apartment, then you can surprise your loved one first thing in the morning. The night route from the bed to the space X, where there will be a hidden surprise, a colored thread or ribbon. Don't forget to leave a note with explanations. For threads you can hang a few small gifts or cards with nice wishes.
For a delicious lunch

To present a gift in a café or restaurant successfully can be as an adult and a child. Especially striking surprise if will be able to apply it on the dish or even hide among ordered. Be sure to seek the help of the staff. Usually such events are treated with great sympathy. Especially for you can even negotiate with musicians to those at the right time changed the style of the performed compositions.