You will need
  • - multimeter;
  • - tools (screwdriver, wrench, etc.);
  • - new details.
As a rule, the failure of a sound signal of the car or realize the binding check, or breakage, or damaged relay switching signals. Accordingly, it is first necessary to determine the type of failure.
Check the continuity of all wires. To do this, remove the alarm panel, gently pull out the mechanism and start the test. The wires should be intact, without any damage to the winding. Any crack or crease is a reason to replace it, because sooner or later this fault will be felt.
The next step is to check the relay and switch. You can verify the integrity of transactions or directly by the buttons of the horn, either visually or with a multimeter. Check the entire chain gradually. First relay clicks on - they have to be heard. Next, determine whether the supplied voltage to the signal. It is quite simple - connect a multimeter to the signal and hit the horn. If no sound, it does not mean that it hasn't broken down completely. First, a little stir mechanism maybe the cause of failure is trivial rust. It happens, if it affects the attachment.
If the item is still very new, buy new and just replace it. Such spare parts sold in any specialty shop or market. Carefully Unscrew the broken piece, remove it from the General mechanism. In its place insert the new, and secure. Connect all the necessary contacts.
It so happens that the signal is, but it sounds very quiet or hoarse. This indicates that the problem originated in the battery that feeds the horn. If it is almost village, change it to new one. In the case when the charge it is sufficient, but the sound is very weak, start repair. To do this, take the screw, connect it to the lever of adjustment of a sound signal and begin to rotate it in different directions, checking the sound.
When you collect the signal back, do it very carefully. It is important at the time of Assembly to properly install the gasket between the membrane and the device. Need to save a certain provided by the manufacturer, the gap between the core and the armature in the device.