In the first place receive from the person a statement to take it to the founders of companies. It is made to the Director of the company. The statement can be read: "under article 19 of the Federal law "On limited liability companies" and on the basis of the present Charter, declare to me the members of the community in (name of organization) by making a contribution in the amount of (amount) in cash within 6 months from the date of the decision by the members meeting to increase the share capital of the company".
If a participant is a physical entity, ask for his passport, INN (if available). When entering a legal person, it shall prepare the certificate on assignment OGRN, INN, KPP and address.
After that, spend the shareholders ' meeting. Consider the following questions:

- adoption and approval of the application from the new shareholder;
- determination of nominal value and of the member's share in the company;
- increase of the Charter capital;
- change of the company's Charter.
The results of the meeting will be issued in the Protocol. Enter the details of the new shareholder of the company (full name, passport details and place of residence), the size of the share capital and the nominal value.
Make changes to the Charter. Make it in duplicate, sign the Director General and the applicant.
Complete the following statements:

No Р13001 (the increase of the share capital);
No Р14001 (enter a new).

Have them notarized.
In any branch of the savings Bank will pay the state fee for making amendments in the state register. Save your receipt as you will need to provide it to the tax office.
Notify the tax authorities about the change of the Charter and make changes in the state register. To do this, collect the following documents:

- a statement from the founder of taking it in the composition of the society;
the minutes of the meeting of the company;
- the certificate on statement on the account in FNS and assignment OGRN;
- a cash receipt confirming that the contribution from the new shareholder;
- passport data of the founder;
- certificate of incorporation;
receipt about payment of state duty;
- The company's Charter in new edition;
- statement in form No. Р13001 and No. Р14001.

Submit the documents to the registering authority.