In this case, such the ability to change the compositionand members of society should be set forth in its Charter. Hold a General meeting where the founders shall approve a decision on admission of a new member and to increase the share capital of the company by making them a certain fee. The decision to issue the Protocol. The basis for the holding of the General meeting becomes a statement of a third person who has expressed desire to become a member of the society by contributing in the share capital of its additional shares. It can be made in cash or in kind.
After obtaining the consent of the members of the society to the Director-General must take application forms in form Р13001 and Р14001 to the tax Inspectorate place of registration. You can fill them in advance, but it is necessary to sign only in the presence of a notary, who will notarize the signature.
Registered in the tax body imagine the following documents:- Application form Р13001 and Р14001;- the Statement of a person who has expressed a desire to enter into the composition of the founders of the company and to contribute to the Charter capital of a contribution;- the Receipt on state duty payment;- New edition of the Charter with all adjustments;- a copy of the old bylaws;- the Decision or the minutes of the General meeting of founders about changing the composition of theparticipants and to increase the share capital;- the Request for registration and issuance of a copy of the new bylaws, certified by the registering authority.
In the case when its contribution to the authorized capital of third party paid in cash to the package of documents will include a certificate from the Bank where it is your company, confirming the increase in its amount. If the contribution is property, then the documents will include the act of transfer and acceptance and the order of the head about the fact that the property taken on the balance sheet of the company. In this case, you will need to document on the assessment of non-monetary contribution to share capital.