Advice 1: How to knit socks for a newborn

How cute tiny socks of any color for a newborn. But such a simple, but necessary item can be linked independently. In addition, further embellished by the beautiful and gizmos is the perfect gift for the baby.
How to knit socks for a newborn
You will need
  • soft delicate shades of yarn (preferably wool or wool blend), a set of spokes (5 pieces).
Before you start to knit socks for a newborn, tie a sample of 10 loops of 10 ranks, wash it, dry it, and calculate thereon the required number of loops. But even without calculation it is possible to score 32 of the loop and that will be enough.
Start to knit socks for newborn to knitting, distributing loop for 8 at each, and then fix the first row. Can knit various elastic bands, but the most attractive looks of a conventional elastic 1 × 1, which means: 1 front mesh, 1 reverse. To the socks turned out ACC, better make the elastic a little longer, namely, about 8-10 cm After the end of the crochet headband provarite 4-5 rows front surface.
To start knitting the heels split dialed the number of loops into two parts, one of which is Express on the spokes. Second, continue to knit on two needles facial surface approximately 8-10 ranks (depending on thickness of thread). Then divide that number of stitches into 3 parts, that is, if 16 loops, you get two side parts 5 and the average loops – 6 loops. Continue to knit the middle part (6 loops), with each row alternately involving loops that are left on the side parts. Thus, will involve the heel of the sock.
Go back to the first part, namely to 16 loops, proverite them, then enter the 5 loops on the side, continue knitting the middle part of the heels (6 loops), and then press again with the heels of the 5 loops. Thus, the product will again consist of 32 loops.
Continue to knit the arch of the foot length of about 5 cm, and then start to reduce the number of loops. For subtraction promazyvaya on each needle at the beginning of the 2 loops together, which ultimately will give the toe an elongated pointed shape. Tighten the last loop and insert it on the wrong side.
Socks can decorate twisted cords with tassels. Valid strings to tie to the hook, which is enough to dial a chain of air loops of the desired length.
Knitting for a newborn spokes. With the help of spokes can bind everything you need for a newborn baby starting with sliders and bonnet, and finishing with a delicate envelope, for such a solemn moment as the discharge from the hospital. When knitting for a newborn must be considered that all the elements of knitting patterns for little baby, and so the spokes of yarn should choose a thin.
Useful advice
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Advice 2: How to make an amulet for the newborn

Once the family has a newborn, all the adults trying to protect him from falls, bruises, and various diseases etc. in addition, the majority of mothers trying to make their child no one jinxed by using special charms. Of course, these mascots can be purchased in the store, but only made with love for the little person, they become truly magical power.
an amulet for the newborn with their hands

The first charm for a baby – "God's eye"

This Slavic charm for a newborn to do incredibly easy. Enough to take two small sticks or matchsticks and put them into the form of a cross, winding wool threads of different colors. The finished product must either be put under the pillow or hang over the crib. Four of the end "of God's eye" will protect the child from any negativity coming from all sides.

Doll pelenashki

This amulet against the evil eye for babies before sewed a mother shortly before the birth of the baby. Cloth doll has to take clothes to the close relatives of the child, as it allowed him to provide generic protection. Today you can take a simple piece of ordinary cotton cloth, just bought in the store. Is the same doll as follows: the fabric is rolled as tightly as possible, drawn in the middle belt that marks the waist, and a bow. Thread bites the teeth as scissors and sewing needles are not allowed.

Next is head. To denote the upper part of the twisted fabric also drawn thread. At the end on the head of the tied handkerchief doll, and she wrapped in a diaper. Ward kept close to the child. By the way, in Russia amulets in the form of puppet-polensek performed not only from tissue but also from bone, straw and wood. In other words, its production can take any natural material.

A guardian for a newborn amber

A very good amulet for a newborn, made from amber. The stone for him to acquire between 3 and 9 lunar day. On Saturday or Monday after 12 o'clock in the morning you must stand in front of a lighted candle, holding in his left hand the amber, and the right dry chamomile, and pronounce the following words:

"Lord, save and protect Your servant, the child (the name of the newborn), from every evil, from sickness dashing. As run of the river, and sore all runs and runs away from my child (name of child), and how nobody can stop the river, so no one will be able health of the child (name of baby) spoil. Neither the sorcerer nor sorceress, nor any evil spirit, no man daring, no man is evil to the child of my askew no matter how I look, though that do not work, get it together".

Followed by three times to say "Amen" to fumigate a room and mineral chamomile, to remove the finished amulet in the children's room in such a place, where no one can get or see. To protect the amber amulet will be your baby for 9 years, after which it can be done again.
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