You will need
  • Computer;
  • -Internet;
  • -online store.
Analyze the offers of the online stores offering you are interested in the product. To buy food daily necessities and large equipment is necessary to exclude resources from other regions. For other items to check whether these stores postal delivery. In large cities, the majority of companies, specializing in e-Commerce include the delivery courier and if you order food daily demand – only it.
Sign up by entering your real data. Many of us are afraid to leave the Internet phone and home address, but while ordering the goodsthrough the online store is required. Go to the selection of goods. Take your time purchasing anything via the Internet so well that minimizes the number of spontaneous purchases, thereby saving the buyer more than one hundred rubles. Choose carefully, comparing consumer characteristics of interest positions. (In the number of services provided corresponding to the button "Compare".)
Fold the appropriate items in your cart. It's not binding, you can adjust its contents when the time comes to make a final decision.
Click "Order" when you make a choice. Further, depending on the structure of the store, you can get to the page asking you to choose the method of delivery or payment. They, usually, there is a listing of several options. Of delivery described above. Now about the payment.
Choose the most convenient way for you. In most cases, online stores accept multiple types of electronic money (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, etc.), payment through terminals (QIWI, Elecsnet, etc.), Bank cards. In case of delivery of the goodsand to the apartment, you can pay cash, giving money to the courier. If you get products in the mail, cash on delivery allowed.
Click "finish". Please check your email. Most likely, you will receive a letter with details of the order. There may contain all of the information on terms. When you bring goods (this can happen on the same day or perhaps in a few weeks and depends on the productand its stock availability, shipment terms, etc.), be sure to check the order contents. Remember that it is not left by the courier, you have the right to reject the goodsand, if the quality is not up to standard.