To determine the current balance of the mobile phone connected to the network "Skylink", type on a mobile device short number 555. Wait for voice response of the system. Please note that this service is free when you use home network, but becomes chargeable when roaming.
Opalites send a blank message to a special short number 55501 and find your balance in the response. Payment terms remain the same.
If you have a computer and Internet connection, the easy option is to use specialized service "private balcony or patio". The address is www2.skypoint.EN.
Download and install on a computer dedicated application Skybalance, automatically track changes of the user's balance and informs the owner about the need to refill the color change of the icon on the task bar. The frequency of inspection of the balance and the application SkyBalance is specified by the user.
To determine the current balance of the modem "Skylink" you can dial on your mobile phone to short number 111. In the response message will contain information on account status and traffic statistics.
Another way can be a ring with R-UIM card or mobile phone "Skylink" to the short number 555. It is also allowed to use any terminal corresponding to the characteristics of the Huawei EC-506 and supporting the ability to make calls in the tone mode.
Service "private balcony or patio" will help to determine the current balance of the modem, as in the case of a mobile phone. Please note that the connection to this service is absolutely free of charge and each subscriber automatically.