Start by testing Internet speeds at one online services: or Before proceeding to the measurement of speed by clicking "Begin test" (or "Measured speed"), make sure that at the moment is disabled on your computer: antivirus, automatic update system and software, torrent clients. The work of these applications can make a significant change to the readings of velocity measurements.
After measuring the speed you will get results at the speed of data transmission and reception through the Internet. However, these indicators can be taken into account only conditionally, because to download a file depends on the speed at which the transfer of data at a specific site, and in the case of torrents, from the number of "seeders" and speed the return of their channel. For example, the same file can be downloaded from two different sites (or two identical distributions) on the same computer with different speed isYu.
If you are interested in the actual speed of downloading from a particular website, you can learn it with the help of Windows downloads in the browser. To do this, select the file to download, open the download window (in some browsers as a tab) and note the speeds. In addition, if your computer is running Windows 7, install desktop gadget Network Meter, which can be downloaded on websites and With the help of it you can see the speed of download.