Why check connection speed?

Without a high speed connection successful work on the Internet is impossible. Check the speed of your Internet connection may be needed in different situations. Perhaps the user wants to know the real speed, which provides the provider, and to calculate the approximate download time of the file. In any case, to check the speed of Internet by using one of the many services that you can find online.

How to check Internet speed

Using a special test (speed test), you will learn the exact speed of your connection. Under Internet speed is the number of bits of information transmitted per second. Remember that the connection on a local network and the connection speed world wide web will have different rates of speed. The connection speed is influenced by such factors as the type of the communication line, the provider whose services you use, etc. If the actual speed determined by test, does not match the value declared by the provider, and deviates from it by more than ten percent, it is likely any problem in the network. In this case you should wait for some time and then repeat the test.

After a speed test you will know incoming and outgoing speed (i.e. the speed at which the broadcast data on your computer and it).

Below the test results were as accurate as possible, should in time check disable all programs that "eat" the traffic – ICQ, email clients, online radio, and a program to upload files. Once you do that, you can proceed to checkout. You can test the speed of the connection two or three times, and then compare the data.

Check the speed of Internet using Yandex

To test your Internet speed, you can use the service of search engine Yandex internet.yandex.ru. With this project you can also define your IP address. The site automatically determines your region, browser, operating system, and even the extension of the screen. Here you can check if you have JavaScript.