Internet ExplorerЧтобы to return the address string in place, call up the top menu "View" in the main window. Then select "toolbars" and check "Address bar".
Areopostal either return the address string to its original place very easily use the editing software settings. One address bar can not disappear, as a rule, with it disappear all the accompanying elements (navigation bar and tool "Wand passwords"). To restore it you need to invoke the applet "General settings".
In the main browser window click the button with the logo of the program or press the menu "Tools" (if red button is missing). Then from the list select "Appearance" to load Windows with the settings. Left click on the tab "toolbars", check the box next to "address Bar" and press "OK" button or press Enter.
In older versions of Opera was the ability to disable displaying only the address bar of the browser. To return, press the right mouse button on any panel of the workspace and from the list of commands, select "Settings" and "Reset panel settings". After this operation, all the panels will be displayed in the value "default", ie will display all the panels. But this method is not too easy because once you have configured panels to their original appearance.
Mozilla FirefoxВ the main program window click with the right mouse button on the workspace (the proposed location of this panel), from the context menu, select "navigation Bar". Or select "Customize", in the opened window browse for the address string, grab it with the left mouse button and drag it to its place.