To disable one or more search engines in Google Chrome browser go to settings by pressing the button with the wrench icon on the toolbar and selecting the context menu command "Settings". In the menu "General" click "Manage search engines" and by highlighting the unnecessary search engine, remove it from the list. Close the tab changes to confirm not required.
To disable the search engine in Mozilla Firefox and Opera, hover over the search field, which is located on the panel in the upper right corner of the program window. Click the icon to the default service. In the context menu, click "Manage search engines" or "Configure search" (Opera).
In the new dialog box, select the search engine that you want to disable. The "Delete" button will become active. Click on it to delete the selected search engine. If you subsequently need to return the remote service, you can always do so by clicking the button "Restore default set". Apply the changes by clicking "OK".
Shut down system for information search in Internet Explorer is done according to the algorithm, similar to the procedure in the programs Mozilla and Opera. The only difference is that to call the settings dialog box of search engines, click on the icon with the arrow on the search bar in the upper right corner of the browser window.
In Safari, go to menu "File" and select "Settings". To disable search engines in the "basics" section, set the default to another search service. For example, if you need to deactivate Google, simply choose instead, Yandex, Yahoo or any other.