So before you come to a casino (virtual or real), identify the correct strategy and tactics of the game and be sure to set the "bar" of possible loss, which you must not cross under any circumstances.

So now a little about strategy. Of course, we all know a very famous Hoek or as it is called Jeeves method. It is very simple and is as follows: should be set to red until it doesn't fall out each time doubling the bet amount, and the loss of the right color to start to put on black constantly doubling his bet when the point is red. Example:

put $ 1 on red;

fell – black color;

put $ 2 on red;

fell red;

winnings = $ 1;

put 1 dollar on black color;


Important: if zero comes out you should double the bet and bet on the opposite color, that is, if you put one dollar on the black, two dollars should be put black.

It would seem that it is quite effective, but sometimes the same color falls too many times, and your finances, as mentioned previously designated "strap". So, enough of your Deposit, and finally lost faith and hope in earnings on gambling, the initial bet you must do is ten cents (a virtual casino allow to do this in training mode, play for real real money). But with a starting bid of one-tenth of the dollar a big prize to wait, unfortunately, is not necessary. Let's improve our technique and begin to put not only the color, but one of the two halves of the playing field, and also for even – odd value Papademos figures adhering to the same principle of doubling the bet in case of loss. Thus, the profit from our bets are already made up thirty cents. Now try to manipulate two thirds of the playing field. The point that should be put on two of the three parts of the field at the same time be sure to remember that if you lose a bet on each of the parts, not doubles, and triples.

Now do you get heavenly pleasure of this event and will be able, though not as much as I would like, but still increase your budget. Remember, the casino game is not only a source of additional income, but also a wonderful pastime, the ability to communicate with other players and getting the adrenaline, which sometimes we miss in our lives in everyday life. With this knowledge you'll no longer "afraid" of seeing casino ads, and definitely at leisure will come into him and will be able to win at roulette, thus multiple times increasing your Deposit.