You will need
  • cosmetics and bright clothes, out of fashion, books on divination
Party disco
In the early twenty-first century disco 80-ies and 90-ies again become popular. In trendy clubs and on music channels you can hear a modern arrangement of "gold" hits of past decades. Similar to the club party , you can arrange at home. First, you need to follow a dress code: wear bright leggings or denim shorts in combination with elongated t-shirt and tattered waistcoat; find the shoes on the platform. Secondly, we should not forget about the face control: the makeup and hairstyle should be evident. Makeup well suited shade of blue, bright red lipstick with a glossy tone and matte blush ruby color. Hair needs to look voluminous. Girls of the time twisted the hair on large rollers, doing hair and fixed hair hairspray strong hold. When the image of each girlfriend found, you need to think about the musical accompaniment of the party. Online free download disco music favorite artists or ensembles, such as "Mirage", "Combination", "Tender may", etc. the Party will be long remembered, if a group of friends, "in the way", took the tape recorder out on the street and in the local yard will start to rock to the rhythm of popular songs.
Magic party
Probably not in the light of a girl who doesn't want to lift the veil of secrecy over their destiny. However, alone to see their future as something scary, and no one to discuss the results heard or read. In this case, you can make a real magical party for girls. The best time for divination – around midnight. Let each friend choose one reading from books or sites on this topic on the Internet. Then circle the girls guessing, and one of them writes in a notebook results. Such party in a comic atmosphere will help to make friends girlfriends to find answers to questions and to feel the real art of the future. The main thing is to agree where to save the recorded prophecies to a later time again to gather everyone together and evaluate the results of divination.