You will need
  • Disposable holiday dishes, treats, surprises for guests, Board games, pajamas
Be sure to warn all the guests about how to dress for a pajama party. Warn that the dress code is pajamas is a required element. After all, if at least one of the guests will ignore this fact – the slumber party will no longer be such. As this kind of dress more like a child, you can add to your outfit any appropriate accessory, for example, to tie a hair ribbon or bow to fasten.
The important role played by the decoration of his apartment. Imagine that you are throwing a children's party. A bunch of balloons scattered around the room, streamers, bright satin ribbons – these decorative elements create the right atmosphere.
As for the food, then at a slumber party, guests do not expect culinary delights. It is "in theme" would be pizza, Coca-Cola, chips, sweet candies and other foods that you loved as a child. Serve food on festive disposable tableware. Bright plates and cups will add brightness to the party and save you from global washing dishes. As gifts to friends, you can buy Kinder surprises – is another element of childhood, which will not give any one an adult.
Think about what you want to study all evening. If at the party there are only girls, be stylists for each other – make manicure, pedicure, hairstyles, makeup and arrange a photo shoot with funny antics. Don't be afraid to fall in childhood – on one evening it is even useful. For the background choose good movies, such as "BARFUSS", "500 days of summer, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind".
If the party is mixed, a good option. will be the game "Twister", "Monopoly", "Truth or dare", "Crocodile". A night to remember summer camp, where we loved to tell Ghost stories. We all useful to relax with friends without worrying about how we look. Without formal hair styling and makeup, in a circle of close people you'll have a great time and maybe these pajama parties will become your tradition. After all, to be a child at any age.