Pajama party is a good occasion to gather with my best friends, to gossip, to play, to have fun. Traditional gatherings over a glass of wine or tea with cakes sooner or later get bored.

How to organize a pajama party

The name of the event speaks for itself: all participants must bring pajamas, Slippers, and other little things to sleep and wear it. The room also need to be prepared. You can cover the sofa with a soft blanket, and it is possible to scatter many small pillows on the warm carpet.

Consider the menu. The format of the event does not involve a feast, so take plenty of snacks, canapés, sandwiches and give each guest a small plate. If you don't want to bother with cooking, featuring delivery of pizza or rolls. As beverages suitable milkshakes, flavored teas, cocoa or light wine.

Think about lighting. The bright light of the chandeliers or table lamps will ruin the atmosphere of the night get-togethers. Give preference to lamps with dim lights that can be placed on the floor.

What to do at a slumber party

The main issue in the organization of the party: how to entertain guests.

You can arrange a night of revelations, gossip with friends, to share secrets and amorous feelings. In the background would suit a romantic drama or a good Comedy. In advance stock up on a variety of tests of women's magazines. Answer the questions and discuss the results.

Fans of active relaxation will appreciate the pillow fights and jumping on the bed. Also suitable for the popular game "Twister". Remember how you had fun in childhood, arrange the shelling soft toys.

The game "the Desire or the truth" will fit well in the intimate atmosphere of the event. Ask a friend to choose either the desire or the truth, and then ask her a tricky question. Depending on your choice, it is obliged to answer frankly or to perform some action.

Arrange a beauty salon at home. Light an aromatic candle or lamp, do Facials, manicure, pedicure. The next morning you will return home in a good mood and in all its glory.

The format of slumber parties-perfect for bachelorette party before the wedding. In this case, don't forget a gift for the bride. The topic will be a beautiful kit for your wedding night or fun pajamas to sleep in the status of wife. You can also send a garter, which a friend will lay in store for the groom.