You will need
  • Scissors, nail styling, styling mousse or gel for modeling, comb,
Bangs - a very important element in your hairstyle. Correctly selected it will hide the imperfections and highlight its advantages. Beautifully laid bangs makes the hairstyle even more attractive. Slant attributes haircuts have several varieties that are suitable for a particular type of face: long, short, ragged, geometric, etc. for Example, a long side-swept bangs suit owners of oval and round faces. Thanks to the person visually drawn, and the proportions of the face are balanced.Short slanted bangs will fit, unless you have large facial features, but long in this case can only exacerbate the situation and even more to reduce the face visually.Geometric thick oblique bangs good will visually expand the face if you have a narrow oval face. If you want to give freshness to the image, sexuality and appear younger ideal ragged bangs( its length depends on the type of your face). The choice of bangs is done, now you need to learn to put her down. The owners of straight hair that will not be difficult. But if you have naturally curly or hard and heavy, can cause problems. Consider ways of styling bangs for any hair types.
If you have long side-swept bangs need to remember that it should not fall apart into strands and climb in the eye. Long bangs are smooth. She needs to Shine. To put it simple: you need to sprinkle the hair lacquer and smoothing comb. If you want to style bangs while drying hair, the air flow should be directed from the top down.
If you chose a short or ragged bangs, it is necessary to keep a slight negligence in packing. For example, you can use some mousse to your hair, then mess the bangs with your fingers and dry hair dryer. This hairstyle will give boldness to your outfit.
It is important to remember that it is not necessary to use a lot of lacquer, mousse or gel for hair, your hair will look sticky and dirty. Also no need to use gels if you're going to wear a hat.
Styling is better to use light modeling sprays, especially for oily hair.