Now in Vogue wide Bang in the Egyptian style, sometimes shaved-toe over the bridge, sometimes just exactly trimmed. Goes well with straight long hair to his shoulders, and with any variant of the classic Bob. This bangs is a girl with the right, a slightly elongated face. The owners of the narrow face such haircut will make the oval slightly wider.
Broad-faced girls and those who have a low forehead, the above option is not very suitable. If they want to wear the hairstyle, then it is better to choose a slanting, asymmetrical, or short French bangs. This styling is visually make the face more elongated and correct.
Asymmetrical bangs can be several options – from straight hair, tilted to one side, or in the style of Marilyn Monroe, when a curly lock of hair covers one half of the face. Such wavy bangs and goes well with short hair style blonde movie star, with long soft waves.
Short plucked a fringe will suit those who have a boyish haircut. It makes your face look more gentle and young. To wear such shaped bangs recommended fragile girl with delicate small features. It is not heavier appearance and add to the charm.
For those who have heavy square or rectangular face, it is better to choose asymmetrical short bangs which will give a rude person more cheerful and light appearance. You can just leave a few strands that frame the face, without weighing it.
Those who are lucky to be born with regular features can wear any hairstyle. For example, fashion fringe-pony, and more than a short-cut on the forehead and elongated heads. People can afford an unusual curly bangs in the shape of a heart, triangle and other geometric shapes.
Women with thick hair, layered bangs go, especially luxurious they look when the individual strands are painted in other colors. If you have long bangs, you can wear it with one eye closed, or zachesov ago (in this case, the hair secured with Bobby pins, hairpins, Bobby pins).