Mount an LCD TV on the wall need to be using a special bracket, which are commercially available in consumer electronics stores. When buying please note a valid screen size and weight of the TV that it can withstand.
Before proceeding to installation, choose a location that will have a TV. It should be open for ventilation of the device and the wall must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the TV. It is not recommended to mount the LCD panel weighing more than 25 pounds on the wall of plasterboard or plywood. If the panel weighs more than 50 pounds, it is possible to mount the TV set on the anchor bolts.
Put the bracket in the place of his future installation and mark the holes under the mounting bolts. Remove the bracket and drill using a drill the holes for the mounting bolts. Install the bracket in its place with screws or anchor bolts.
If your wall allows you to hide inside wiring for TV (for example, drywall), before the LCD to hang on the wall, you need to make a hole for wires in a specially designed box bracket and connect wires for the TV. If you can hide the wires in the wall is not possible, then you can close the cables in the cable channel, which is in the range of electrical stores.
Mounting the TV on the wall , it is desirable to produce two or three. Before starting, remove the back of the TV plugs from the seat bracket. Then lift the TV and hang it to the bracket. Secure the TV to the bracket using the supplied bracket bolts.Then connect the power supply and signal cables.