If you have a large CRT TV, dock it on the door just will not work, it just does not hold its weight. It can be placed inside of the wardrobe-coupe. To do this, set the center at a distance of one meter from the floor, shelf. Attach it to the sides with metal corners. So it does not SAG under the weight of the TVand hook up the lateral support from the veneer or Board cut. Disadvantage of this placement single - door will have to be kept open, and things can dust. But if on the other shelves to use boxes and clothes on hangers to hide in the covers, the problem will be solved. And when guests arrive, simply slide the door, hiding your original structure.
A small, lightweight plasma or lcd TV can be hung on the door of the wardrobe-coupe. To do this, buy a special holder and secure it by drilling holes in the fabric. Make him round slot for the wires. Calculate the distance so that it is not too aesthetic hole was hiding behind the panel of the TV.
Even to fix a flat TV on the side wall of the Cabinet-coupe. This is the best option, if the location of the sofa or chairs allows you to comfortably watch shows at a given placement. And if you can buy a special rotating bracket, then hang the TV from any side of the Cabinet, and then just deploy it to the desired angle.