And the plates do not have special decorative or ones that we brought as a souvenir from the trip. Even better if it is the old grandmother set or a fun designer kitchenware.
Very elegant looking dish with an openwork pattern along the rim. Particularly impressive is a decorative tool will look on the walls, painted or covered with Wallpaper of dark color without a pattern.
Mounting options can be different. If you purchased decorative plates, they are already equipped with special fasteners, one side of which is fastened to the wall, and the other to the backside of the dish. Such attachment can be bought separately for fixation of conventional plates.
If you are going to decorate with the help of this material the headboard or the wall above the sofa, it is better to choose a more reliable way to embed is to put the plates on the open shelves. This element of decor will fit well in the kitchen, especially decorated in a country style.
As for the order of placement, then there is plenty you can dream up. Looks interesting and chaotic arrangement and strict composition. The plates can be identical or different in shape, size, color and texture. Importantly, the resulting panel was harmonious and fit into the interior. To make sure that your artwork is the main condition to be met before direct fixing on the wall , lay the plates in the intended order. If you are satisfied with the resulting picture can be taken.