You will need
  • Plasterboard, wooden slats, cable, screws.
Do in plasterboard wall of the cable channel. To do this, make sure you know the place where you will hang the TV and cut a hole behind TV for wires. The second hole cable exit cut out the floor where the skirting Board with cable channel. The socket can be done directly in the TV, in any case, it must be a free access.
Order a baguette shop Baget, that is, the frame, the size of the TV - it looks very organic in a classic interior. Do not hang on the wall with the TV picture, which will only distract and dissipate the attention. If your living room is quite spacious, make a number of niches where you place the TV, an aquarium, a painting or a statue with lights.
Concrete wall for the cable channel stroebe is not worth it if you have not scheduled a Grand renovation. Make the protrusion of the drywall, which will hide all the wires. Make it contrast with the color of the main wall, the bottom, place a decorative shelf, it is also possible to do the drywall and place the same as the ledge.
Hide the wires in the box the cable channel, which in a large assortment sold in stores. It is possible to pick up high-quality box that can be placed on top of the wall. After paint it paint to match the walls or decorate an ornament, duplicating the pattern of the Wallpaper. Stylish beat box the cable channel, can be the highlight of your interior.
Use the niche in the living room to place your TV. The niche should be large enough to provide the ventilation necessary for safe operation of the TV. In the niche of TV it is better to put on a special pedestal. Top make shelves for Souvenirs, spend a little lighting for spotlights.
Take care of the proper height at which you hang the TV - depends on the health of your eyes. The ideal height for viewing - middle of the screen at eye level. Do not hang the TV wherever will fall direct sunlight and near heating devices.